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Are you planning to become a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator? If so, you must pass the National Test. Make no mistake, it is a tough exam.

Our test preparation program has been updated to include TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID), New HUD Rules, and the New Borrowers Home Loan Tool Kit.

Every mortgage professional who originates loans for a non-Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.-insured entity must be licensed. Being licensed means having to pass the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) pre-licensing exam.

According to the NMLS website, between July 30, 2009, and this past November 30, 2018 the first time “pass” rate of the national loan originator examhas fallen to 69 percent. That means that almost 40% of test-takers are failing the exam! This is an indication that the test is not too easy! We have a 92% pass rate based on students that have taken our Exam Prep Cram Course - Check out our YELP Reviews!!!

The exam is relatively standard. It includes 125 computer-generated, multiple-choice questions that must be answered within three hours. In order to pass the exam, originators must achieve a passing score of 75 percent or better. If you fail, you must wait 30 days to retake the exam. If you fail 3 times – you must wait six (6) month before your allowed to retake the exam. Can your business afford to be sidelined for that long?

This is an online prep courses to prepare students to take the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test - National Component with Uniform State Test. Our online course includes over 10 hours of online content with 30 instructional videos and 10 practice exams modeled after the content of the NMLS Exam.

Artricia Woods
Artricia Woods
Master's Degree In Business Management, Teaching Credentials, NMLS Licensed since 2008, Real Estate Broker License since 2005. Having a Passion for helping others, and seeing the change in the mortgage industry, in 2009 began focusing training efforts to training agents, brokers & homeowners in foreclosure prevention, and short sales.

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Additional Practice Exam #11
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Additional Practice Exam #12
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Additional Practice Exam #13
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Additional Bonus Quiz #14
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Additional Bonus Quiz #15
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Recording - "LIVE" Exam Prep Course Session [Previously Recorded]
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Reviews (33)


Great training with the flash cards


by Shari Smith
I've enjoy all the information very, very good, I enjoy the THINGS TO EMEMBER I didn't know what the initial was.

Getting started

by David Davis
So far it has some great information.
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Great training with the flash cards


by Shari Smith
I've enjoy all the information very, very good, I enjoy the THINGS TO EMEMBER I didn't know what the initial was.

Getting started

by David Davis
So far it has some great information.

Outstanding so far

by Jose Cruz
Haven't finished the whole course yet. But so far is the best money I've ever invested. Highly recommended. Hope I pass the first time around.

by James Gomez
I thoroughly enjoyed it, the instructor is exceptional. Looking forward to next course. Thank you and God Bless. Mr. Gomez

by eduardo matamoros
very good material, show or enhance similarities between the laws that usually we could overlooked.


by Glenda Martinez
This is so far the best exam prep course. Easy to understand. Great examples. Detailed. I wish I would of done this course before. Thankyou

Learned the course in 7 days and PASSED on the first try

by Shavon People
I just wanted to say that everything this course promised it sure did deliver. I PASSED on the first try. I crammed for seven days, and passed with an 80%. I can't say enough. The material structure was fantastic easy to follow. I actually slept with the live class and flashcards playing in my ears while I slept. I am so ecstatic right now. Thanks Artrisha.


by TImothy Landon Jackson
I really enjoyed the videos and the PDF's that went along with the videos. This made it easy for me to put together my study materials, I can print out the material to write on and take notes along with the information to correspond to review and study. The study material, videos, slides, PDF's guides was clear and easy to understand, it was well put together and the entire training was great. I really appreciate Ms. Woods for her dedication and hard work to put the class and the material together to make it easier for us to study and to achieve our goals. Thank you Ms. Artricia Woods and Affinity Real Estate Team


by Leroy Thompson
This is my first review in about two years. Even though my quiz grade was only 65%, It was a mere reflection of the knowledge gain, the verbal connections and sounds,etc.. I can hardly wait for my next several lessons.

Course Review PDF

by Donald Pesina
Great Info very informative!


by Kurt Kopf
This is ten times better then the 20 hour class I had to take for my state, an excellent value for the money, I'm learning so much! Thank you

Mastery course review

by Senam Doe
Very very detailed and on point. A must have tool for this exam!!

Prep for the Course Federal Laws

by Scotty Mercker
Very easy to understand. I believe it will help me retain the information significantly better. Love your teaching style...the repeating of things truly helps me. Thanks

by Teresa Santibanez
I love love love the way you teach your class. You go into depth on what is needed. My test is scheduled for April 29th and I am positive that I will pass.

Extremely Informal

by Jessica Paulo

General Overview

by Kimberly Russell
The General Overview gives you the in-depth information prior to starting the first module. Great beginning! I like the highlights and the information on what is failure and success/

Overall Good

by babar ahmed
Overall good

Thank you Afinity learning !

by Jeff Zappone
When I first found Artricia on YouTube I was intrigued by her style of teaching. After trying to study with another course I felt I was trying getting what I needed. I researched affinity learning on yelp and read the feedback about how they help you pass the NMLS test. Everything was right on. I want to thank you Affinity learning for a great great website you offer for studying and what you do to prepare us for the exam. I just took it yesterday and passed for the first time. -jeff


by Olushola Zuberi

I passed the Test!!!

by John Simmons
Thanks Artricia for everything. I passed the test on the first try. I feel some of the questions were intentionally trying to trick you. For example, what is defined as a business day under TILA: all days except Sunday, and federal and state holidays, all days except Sunday, and federal holidays, and all days except Sunday and legal public holidays. All of those answers sound similar to me, but it feels great that I do not have to worry about this test again!

Amazing Course

This course is amazing! I found 1-50 Audible Flash cards on YouTube. After reading tons of positive reviews, I purchased the Mastery Level Course. I utilized all the resources and passed the test on 1/25/2019! I am grateful and I will absolutely come back for CE annually. TILA the Godzilla will forever be stuck in my head :) Thank you Articia!

Master Exam Prep

by Michael Blau
As promised, I passed the first time with an 87% overall. Your classes and quizzes were almost spot on. Please consider adding a little more explanation regarding the state specific items. However, I am really pleased overall. You promised and helped me to deliver. Thank you!

I am a loan originator (NOW!!!!!) Become a Master at the test

by aron braithwaite
This is the only thing that let me get to where i am today. I recommend the master level, because it teaches you everything you need to know. Coming for another industry to the mortgage side is hard. Need all the tools you can get to pass this test.

Best Choice I have ever made!!!

by Devin Hamilton
The mastery course was the Best Choice I have ever made!!! It is not just study material, it is ACTUAL TRAINING!!! I have never been a test taker, so this whole this had me freaked out. But Artricia's videos and material, was exactly what I needed. When I walked in to take my exam I knew what I needed to know & I was able to pass it the 1st time! I could not have done it without Artricia & the Mastery course. I can not Thank you Enough!

Not Too Happy With the Coarse

by Allen Zarman
I am currently learning off this crash coarse for the NMLS Exam. I have reached out numerous times for clarity on some of the exam prep questions. In doing so no one has reached out to follow up on my questions. The Practice questions don't even give me a explanation on why i got the answer wrong or right which is horrible because i would like to know where i went wrong. I have reached out via email and phone, and only received help once from Artricia Woods via email. As far as getting help via phone i keep talking to a person by the name of Dean where he can't help me in any way. Each time he gets my name and my number and email and says that Artricia will call me back or email me. After those numerous calls in reaching out same conclusion on all no one gave me a call back or email. He even told me to call Shirley Woods and in doing so left a message and have not received a call back. The lectures were very informative but getting help with the practice questions was little to no help. NOT HAPPY! With my exam date coming around the corner i don't feel so ready without understanding what I am doing wrong on some of my practice questions.


by Solomon Alam
you need!!!

It's the Real Deal

by Julian Garcia
Two months ago I knew very little terminology regarding the mortgage industry. After reviewing and executing the material of Affinity Mastery Level Crash Course, I was able to achieve the objective of a Passing Score on the NMLS. Mission Complete. I believe the material presented was relevant and mentally prepared me to take the exam and pass.

by Teresa Kulp
I love it!

Incredibly Helpful

by Michael Page
All of this information has been incredibly helpful. Its in depth and detailed. Artricia is a wonderful teacher and extremely helpful. I emailed her and asked for any extra tips and she went out of her way to help me and sent me some additional material! This program has been the best source of information to prepare me for the NMLS test. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to pass the exam! Not only did she email me extra tips, she has been encouraging throughout my time studying. She is the only teacher that I have seen (throughout my time even in grade school through college) that breaks down answers in such a way that makes sense. Fantastic, thank you Artricia.

by Travis Shaver

by Anne Joseph

Passed the first time

by Patricia Van Dorf
The course was easy to follow. Artricia is a very talented teacher. She finds a way of making you remember. I could hear her words in my head while I took the exam. Although it says thirty days to get your license, don’t rush your self take the time to go through the course thoroughly. Good Luck to all !